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(The child, who has to look out of a counting-up rhyme, keeps his eyes closed or leans against the times with his eyes closed and counts so loudly up to a certain number. At this time there is a good good hideout in the house Or outdoors. Is this done. Wikipedia)

"Cornerstone, cornerstone, everything must be hidden. 1 - 2 - 3 - I'm coming! "
And this time we ducked close to the boulder, for a voice was deep and masculine.
"Hans, not so loud!" The male voice sounds.
It seems to be the dad or educator, who hopefully does not have everything in view.
As we were hiding above a boulder, our chances were not to be discovered.
Hans went to find the children.
In the beginning, one could only hear the branches and crackling children's voices, which gradually developed into wild screams.
Little by little he found the children who had chosen their hideout among tree trunks, bushes, and blocks.
Only one was not found yet.
He jumped over the brook, ran up the slope and climbed over a block that was covered with moss and stared straight into my eyes without twitching with eyelashes.
He remained silent, I remained silent, I winked at him, and he jumped down the block without turning around, ran to the male voice and began to cry.
The man consoled Hans and said that he would find Barbara the next time.
The voices became gradually quieter.
You could only hear the shrill sounds in the distance.

"One, two, three, four cornerstone, everything must be hidden.
Behind me and before me it is not, and not on both sides!
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten - I come! "

And again a chosen child went to the search to catch the teammates, only us not.
We felt like Hans in luck, who has gotten away without bruises and bruises.  

Sven Scholz, 30.07.2017

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