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(Russian Спутник for "Companion", in astronomical meaning "Trabant" and "Satellite")

We begin 2005 and precisely on November 1 with a small journey in the year as Michael and I again time looking for tranquility to bouldering in the Zittauer.
In the summer we were the last time at the Töpfer actively and at the back run we chose always another way.
The advantage was of course on hand - looking for new lines, and Lo and behold - this time in front of us at the feet.
And exactly this block with a great line is our destination now.
Michi laid out the mats and I looked at the possible variants and brushed the holds.
Because I can not wait to start first and try exactly my plan to go through.
The start begins as a breaking point for me.
Use the right hook that will crush your right ring finger, that sucks, then swing to the Sloper, what very pulls, and then again to grab puts an end to me … Maybe it's the cold that makes me less!
This was also my first and last successful attempt.
Michi starts just as I am … however more in the dynamic is there … it looks faster … out of the hook … right hand double, cool … that put the feet is rapidly ... the left hand produced the back-pressure … he uses the left toehook … the intervention looks as if he were floating … the whole man is in an orbit … up as he throws the hook to catch the whole body … he hovers entirely detached through the air … !
I found it very impressive, all in the first attempt and also his last successful for that day.
The "Zittauer" rock is hard and brutally, any attempt will be painful, cancellation proves us right.
The second attempt, with step-through for Michi, succeeds him on November 26.
And for me as a spotter, companion and brother a new satellite in the Saxon sky - Sputnik8.

Sven Scholz, 03.06.2016

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