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May Queen

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May Quenn

It's like always, the annual ceremony. On the last day of April the maypole is set. Time to escape this not very exciting event. The short journey goes as usual into the Bahratal. The goal of our desire is a small piece of rock. It is untouched and just right for the budding warmer temperatures. The view goes to the right, today's Boulder "Maibaum", because it looks the easiest. Piece by piece is worked out until we are at the edge. The boulder "pendulum" turns out to be a bit trickier. The movement, as the name suggests, is so much fun that you repeat this boulder countless times.

Now it's around the corner. This is a must for fans of the campus board. I, so it sounds in the forest, would like to start. "Kaskade" has the first conqueror.  
Now we are ready, the rock is conquered from all sides and new lines appear. A direct start to "Pendel" is still possible and what about the line between "Maibaum" and "Pendel". We make the first attempts, brushing the necessary holds and footholds. A graduation of the Boulder is no longer in prospect today, we will have to postpone it to the "day of work".  

May Day ... We have arrived.

May 1, 2002  

At the beginning, the first thing is "Pendel".
It goes on. The edge "Direkt" should be. They are looking for common solutions and it is obvious. After a short while, the first is up, which of course embarrasses us. Now it's a bit to the right. The start is like "Pendel", then it should go straight up. The holds appear far apart if you do not notice the undercling. The first attempts end miserably and a progress is not in sight. We change constantly, the fingers begin to hurt. But what is now, we do not trust our eyes. The Boulder is done.

The "Maikönigin" was crowned.

Michael Scholz, 01.05.2018

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