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Good Climbing

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It is clear that the pure difficulty would be a judgment on the specific
Movement quality not too. Not only the aesthetic feeling demands
more. After technical skill, for example.

But what makes a good technique?  
Precision and agility in the movement, so body control - but also
alone is not enough. Body tension must be. In addition a diverse
Movement repertoire for the questions and problems of rock - that's what we need
Imagination and a memory. Hip, feet should work too. Feeling for that
own weight and its displacement can not hurt either.
Almost sufficient for a rating with the (coveted) predicate "good

Now that's a little dry - difficulty, physical performance, cognitive
Skills. What about passion? Do you need those for good climbing?

Here we are in the metaphysical plane and it lurks right away
Question about morality. This is how good climbing quickly turns into very good climbing. Climb the one who is far away from the urge to gain and the desire for glory - that is, without Ambition - the pure joy and pleasure in the movement indulges? Of the does not feed its egoism, but celebrates hedonism?

What do we do with all the heroes? Are heroes good climbers?

Hanka Owsian, Text from 09.07.2017

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