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The turn of the year is approaching. Time to finish a not yet ridden line.

The right hand on the first hold in the roof, the left steers to the edge on a hold with a rib. This is how it starts. The first moves go quickly. Speed ​​is the recipe, athletic climbing demands a lot. Everything fits, Heelhook, Toohook, again Heelhook, it works as planned. Centimeters away from the target, the ride takes its course and the body goes into gravity. The way is long and seems to have no end. The planned landing target in case of the case was not reached and thus it became a hard encounter with reality.

Around the zero degrees. No snow. After a short time of abstinence, the program runs. Hook, hold, hold, hook. With fresh energy into the new year, that seems to be the motivation to find a successful ending here!

And what will remain in the end?

A incredible line and the reward. The first ascent of boulder Immanenz, the opposite of Transzendenz, wich goes beyond reality.

On a sporty successful year 2019.

The team, 31.12.2018

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