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Between Farbenlehre (Colour theory) and RICE

You have not enough warmed you up! These are the last words that I still have in memory.

As so often, I sit in the car again. Usual how long is the way. A new climbing gym waiting to be opened, and I'm again with this come true the dream of other climbers. However, there are to unleash handles nor any wall to his creativity. I am responsible for the construction of new climbing wall. The joy is not too big, it's January and the weather perfect for bouldering, and I'm here in Sweden. Approx. 2 months are planned and I can only hope it's faster. So in the next weeks and months very slowly, 12 hours daily to eternity, and I spend more time in the Hall the greater is the need for outside.

Now I arrived back home in the middle of the night. The beer has been chilling Sven and one eloquent the last few days. Like I would have been longer, but very spent the day together with the drive. Rested, yes I did. Because it is waiting for a full English breakfast like after each return. The morning is long, but I can't wait to touch back home rock and enjoy the scent of winter air. Sven has been a plan, prompt the phone to ring. Where's it going, that Bubos words. It's weekend and we go to a rock where the silence and let's us also immediately on this line almost forgotten part piece. After the solution is clearly lacked only the dynamo, scientists constantly utter failure. A trapdoor was simply not possible today, it lacked the power.

A day break, that should do it.
Come on, supposedly to be hotter and no one is there, I'm so alone on the way. In first attempt I screw up it at the end itself, the second however succeeds and "Farbenlehre" is finished. A few days later, it enters the cave. This time, it should be recordings for "Ion". To the warm up should be "Sprint", it was my view that is not shared.
It was a short drama, because after a sound cannot be heard over what was, it was already over. A few hours later we saw the impact and noted. Muscle rupture on the upper arm. Now I have this sentence in my ear again. You have not enough warmed you up!!!

Thus, the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) remains as a first measure. And a look back to the "Farbenlehre".

Michael Scholz, 04.02.2017

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