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Actually, the clean route should be baptized "272" and Shisha became unreal.
On the ideas brought us the owner of the property, who complained agitated about us, how it can be because we cut off the bushes at the wall foot.
Whether we are also involved in the illegal tree felling and removal, which happen here in the area isolated?
You would destroy nature.
He stood in front of us, his eyes constantly turning away from us, towards the forest, to the right of the route.
We knew what was there and stay that way for the time being.
His face turned blood red.
It was already red with excitement and his eyes changed direction to the left of the route.
His question now is whether the shisha lying under the overhang belongs to us?
Which shisha?
And there I grinned into myself. I know the land owner / types.
"Man Werner, do you still know me?"
"Oh yes, Sven, from teaching in the 90s ... and you have always been bald ...!"
His grimacing face showed momentary joyful excitement.
In the way it ran, I had wished Werner sits in front of the wall with intact felt Shisha ... and gives us good tips.

Sven Scholz, 17.02.2018

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