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Floating State

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State of ambiguity, uncertainty, the indecision

Hier trieb vor unnennbaren Zeiten der Strom durch unerlöstes Land. Jetzt bricht man goldensandne Steine, und senkrecht steilt die kühne Wand.
Zu Tafeln ist der Stein behauen, die Blöcke stehn in Reih und Glied. Der Mühlstein wartet auf den Müller und auf des Müllerburschen Lied.
Das Meer, der Strom und Jahrmillionen gestalteten das Sandsteinland. Aus Sand ward Stein, und wieder bröckelt der Stein zu Sand in unsrer Hand.
(Steinbruch im Elbgebirge von Ernst Kurt Exner; 1942)

This line shall be 60 years later, but manages to defeat them.
A rock blocking the passage and it is here to stay.
Number 1 way to stop there and left a not finished project.
Or you consider option number 2 into account where an opinion is.
The block must go!
One is the obstacle to tackle with ropes and chain hoist.
The first attempt is very sobering.
Nothing is moving or still?
There's something happening. Oh, no, stop it! The ropes are stretched to Twine without any stirring of the block.
More ropes are designed to prevent this.
The game starts from the front, the ropes reach their usual strain, but there is a small glimmer of hope.
The block comes off from the rock and now hovers in the air.
An act of effort follows the floating State.
At the end of his journey, the block is freed itself and takes his likely last resting place.
The ropes not stood up this constant force and finally gave up.
The question is, how do you feel after that.
Made easier?
Or, considering the rocks in this Valley, traces of which today can be seen moving the, ridiculous !!!
2 great lines are created.
The first "Back-Flip" and the second "Double Back-Flip".

Michael Scholz, 10.12.2016

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