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Archaeological discoveries  - Dilettantis

If one thinks of well-known Greeks of antiquity, the names of Phytagoras, Homer, Hippocrates and Archimedes are included. However, the latest archaeological discoveries from cave paintings, below the Acropolis, from the year 2793 show that up to now an important Greek has always been forgotten. And indeed Dilettantis.
Who was that Greek who was far ahead of his time? He was a well-known sportsman from the ancient world, from Macedonia to Sparta, and is still much more famous today. He had already succeeded in 370 BC. To master the most difficult ascents. Who does not know his risers Sphinx, Cheops or Kyplop?
Were it his extraordinary ability or his visionary foresight, which inspired him, to tackle such problems at the time, and partly to solve them?
But how could such milestones, which were far ahead of his time, succeed him, and still today inspire some people with anecdotes and stories about his exploits? This question can only be clarified by other archaeological discoveries, but perhaps it will never be clarified and remain a legend forever, because legends never die.  

Martin Heisig, 01.04.2017

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