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Fuck Reloaded

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"Reloaded" ... new edition. At the same time a synonym for an idea, grown out of defiance and love for the inappropriate.  

Maybe only when the table seems to be empty, the eye sharpens for the hitherto incidental, the supposedly insignificant. Unlike a purely physical exploration of the material rock, the degree of difficulty becomes a minor matter, when the sum of the accompanying circumstances absorbs all energy, body and mind seem paralyzed. Boulder, such as "Kastration", "Stunde Null", "Dialog", "Kyklop" ... all are small lessons in humility, which at the same time have the potential to correct the view of oneself and one's own actions. The attempt of self-deception was followed by punishment on the foot. This consequence, the multi-claim beyond the "spirit of times-phenomenon climbing" seems rather undesirable these days and leaves the dust of time in many places to an ever firmer crust on holds and footholds.  

"Fuck" - a significant lettering at the entrance - known, often committed Boulder. One of many in the forest. The actual line, reverting to local traditions, was once again the victim of the ashes of the ash-keepers. Since then damned to the scenery. But in a moment when circumstance and unconditional will come together to form a very particular form of tension, the scenery moves back into the limelight.  

Only an old, still remaining borehole in the first third of the route gives the impression, even if only marginally, that it would be possible to secure with mobile security devices. Despite this, the aspirant remains thrown back on himself. A fall from the Crux definitely has the potential for ground contact, even with extremely capable security personnel. And the rescue exit is still far from reached. With these prospects: how much does that weigh what one is prepared to throw into the balance?  

Yet. When the moment when lunacy and determination come together stripped off, it easily rises. To the point, since even the possible backup is just an empty word without any meaning and it means to confess color. Clean or Solo, it is the output that gives the deeds a name. In this case "Fuck reloaded".

Markus Hoppe, 02.12.2018

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