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(The separation of powers to restrict power, by all State power in a government organ – for example, the Government – is gathered. The power should be in the hands of multiple sibling State bodies.

The "Gewaltenteilung" is a new section of rock in the sector of "Wasserfall" and consists of three distinctive edges.
To climb the idea it is already as old as the bouldering in the Bahratal.
As young people we wanted to drill it, but because the rock was too close on the road we had seen the fear and anxiety to be.
At the beginning of the year had come. We had can no longer deceive us because the rock appeared in the very first moment sandy and dirty.
The only downside are the exits marked with loose stones.

Tip: fix a rope or sling over the crumbling exits.

Political liberty is to be found only in moderate governments; and even in these it is not always found. It is there only when there is no abuse of power. But constant experience shows us that every man invested with power is apt to abuse it, and to carry his authority as far as it will go. Is it not strange, though true, to say that virtue itself has need of limits?„

(Montesquieu, The Spirit of laws, Book 11 chapter 4)

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