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Oak leaves,

is not just a military, political symbol or heraldry a common figure.
Oak Leaves is for me the award for beauty, strength and loyalty.
The hikes over the yellow fields and steep approaches, past the 100-year-old beeches and oaks, leaves me no time for mourning.
The strong forest changes to counteract the tourist use, can not be overlooked.
The bark beetle is protected over a large area and the non-native German trees fall victim to nature conservation.
From "nature let nature be" was forest care *.
At the three oak trees, not quite arrived yet, my first view is high to the exit of the imposing rocky outcrop.
In my last attempt, I felt like a bird of prey in a dive for hunting, courtship or fighting.
Finding suitable places for climbing protection robbed me of the strength.
Yes, I lost the fight against gravity within seconds.
At the ripcord only in this case could pull the fuse man and the Friends (climbing protection) kept what they had promised me.
Forgotten for 4 years, I wanted to take home Oak Leaves as an award today.
The first attempt fails with rope problems and thick arms at the end of the rock.
I had to break off for the time being and so I let the security points (climbing protection) hang.
In the time of my break, I took a closer look at the course of the line from the side.
The line is logical and the end, which I failed in 2011, looks dry.
It has to work now.
It's not that hard ... the psyche ...!

Sven Scholz, 01.12.2017

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