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Chess is called the final stages of a game final, when only a few character types on the Board remained.
And something like fared on the Echsencave than 3 figures on the wall remaining in the Super final to measure us.
The Board was the wall and the figures were we who remain always in the same place, only in contrast to chess, not the head, cottage, but the tips of our fingers.
The "Superfinale" consists of the Boulder "Gesicht" and "Finale".
The Boulder "Gesicht" begins as "Endstation" in the left part of the Echsencaves in a Crouch.
Start is with your left hand on the bottom ledge and right hand on the pocket.
If you get used to the finger pain, it goes on with left to the pocket/Sloper and equal share access to the ledge.
Exactly from there, "Endstation" goes right uphill and ends in the Echsencave wall.
The ledge of "Gesicht" with your right hand, the feet are well and with left to the bad ledge, right hand back and with light dynamics in the large hole - and already it has qualified with "Gesicht" in the preliminary round.
There's still the Boulder "Endspiel" as a mirror image to "Finale".
Started is left on the crack and go to the right climb up to the Large hole of "Gesicht" in the "Finale".
For a Super final, we need but the Boulder "Finale".
Here you can start in the stand at the ledge like "Gesicht" and goes to the big hole and from there the trains are very far.
The fingers of the right hand pain when attempting to wide grasping with left.
I prefer the small basin with left and right next to the small pocket, put me in a higher position and grab to the left basin.
My brother just goes up to the basin without the small pocket - he is just stronger and Martin missed the final.
From there it should not blow it, the right hand to the ledge and to the left, the last train in the target hole and you're number 2.
Now you're ready for the Superfinale!

Sven Scholz, 04.09.2016

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