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The Sloperwand at the Hammertor

Now, 13 years have passed when we were the last time in the Hammertor to progress.
We were surprised at the deterioration in the sector.
At the time of the first attempts, around 1998, yet a large part of the spruce stood.
Offered a vision on the blocks and the rest of the plant, gave no chance to the thrive.
In this respect as covered with the blocks and the approaches are, so very curious as we were also a reunion of the Sloperwand
The first sight proved to be surprising.
The rock looked exactly as we had him in mind.
The rock is light, smooth with little structures in the lower part, and almost always dry.
The Sloperwand is East-facing and suitable also in the summer time to the bouldering.
Isn't the reason for this renewed stay, after over a decade just a reunion of the old days, but the media recording a few Boulder.
Apart from a doormat, lime and the Poff, a video camera of at that time did not belong to the basic equipment.
The desire to once again repeat the Boulder, became a piece of hard work for us.
The rock offered little halt, is exceptionally smooth and very hurting for the finger.
As always, WarmUp was "Sloper".
Well, just pretty much borderline for the finger and if you always so long to the warm needs, then it is no wonder when there's no longer enough for the third Boulder.
Was missing all the grip to sitdownstart … several attempts … and no success … it should not be easy.
We went finally to "Unter-Oder" as a standing start, not much easier but is available to us.
After many back and forth to try, you can see already the finger most are wound and we don't so long are there.
Only a break Insert and slightly less power with "Stuffi", "Herz Schmerz" and "Oder" as a test game, whether there still is.
It would be nice Yes, again to create the "Combo", but if we had some problems with "Sloper" as a sitdownstart, it looked rather badly.
The "Combo" begins so left on the crack, traverse right to the sloper hole.
And right there we go with the slippers … they just wanted to not keep the hands … what is going wrong … maximum until the contact of the biting undercut … more goes not to this day.
Is it perhaps too moist and cold?
Slow us also the power went out.
We looked again at our fingers … skeptical views … what is it now … we haven't had many chances.
Who ... well ... What?

Michael Scholz, 08.07.2016

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