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"Your hip is unfortunately scrap!"
That was the honest diagnosis of the senior physician at the University Hospital of Dresden, where I had been examined for recent hip pain. Through an unnoticed impingement syndrome my cartilage has been so destroyed for years that now hardly any is left.
I was offered to have the bone supernatant on the femoral head removed by an operation to at least reduce further damage. Since there was nothing left to lose, I agreed. If you had done this surgery a few years ago, everything would not have been so bad ... Had .... would be ....

The doctors advised me against continuing to put more strain on my hip. And when, for once, I listened to my body, it was actually the same opinion. Bouldering, climbing, even more trails in the area run, I should do all that from now on at best not more. The motivation to continue training almost disappeared on the spot.
"What training, if I can not go to the rock anyway?"

I decided to make one last boulder before the surgery. In October 2017, I first tried the trains of "bottleneck". I still felt fit and the movements also proved to be relatively hip-friendly. I was amazed that all the individual trains were possible within a short time, after all, bottleneck was my most difficult project so far. But I also realized that my biggest problem with this boulder would be my skin:
Already after half an hour, my index finger was open for the first time.

This meant a break of one week, which was not a problem, because I still had a lot of time until surgery ... Unfortunately, this scenario was repeated again and again! On many days I had only one try and then the skin on my finger was through again. In December, I got a cut that could hardly be called a cut. We considered whether to have it sewed, but decided against it. One, two millimeters deeper and the fingertip would have been off ...
This again led to almost three weeks forced break. So slowly moved my surgery appointment on 23.01. closer.

After completing the cure finally highly motivated to the next attempt - unfortunately this ended similarly. This time, I slipped off the keybar and pulled the entire cornea off my fingertip. Never before had I planned a boulder where the trials were so limited. I had only one try on most days and if it went really bad even half ...; o)
But incessantly, I stomped with my sticks once a week in the Bahratal and tried me on the bottleneck. But at some point I had to admit that one could no longer call my condition "fit" after three months without training. I decided to pull out the hangboard again from Christmas and felt a little less lax.

Exactly one week before the surgery came my last big chance. The weather was perfect: 0 ° C, a stormy wind and sun.
In the first attempt, I was able to hold on to the groin that had so often plagued my skin and continue to grasp it. But the next bar I did not catch properly and fell off. Of course, the eyes immediately went in the direction of the fingers - a little open, but a try had to go! The last attempt in which everything finally fit.
Damn "tight" but it did not fit!

The most beautiful feeling was to see how everyone who was one or the other time during the project was happy with me.

Now the operation is already two weeks ago and soon the rehab will start. I'm hoping it will be a little bit better, but it takes time ...
And in a few years, there will be art joints that I can use to beat over my ear.
In this sense, it means waiting, hope and ever prophylactic train...

Christian Stelzner, 24.02.2018

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