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Basic techniques:

  Center of gravity
  Body tension

The best training for climbing is the climbing itself. All basic techniques provide the basis for the technique training. So you need to work on your technique, to enhance them.
It is a mistake to believe, the force measured that the things is.


excessive hold more than necessary force.
This much earlier to the narrowing of the blood vessels and reduces the performance.

+ therefore: "soft grabbing"
+ Power distribution to as many finger or the whole hand participate in
+ Load direction vertical as possible.

Friction hold

Pliers hold


Undercut hold


set up crimper


Perfect foot technology optimally use the existing power potential (finger and arm strength).

+ Step precisely locate and join
+ stable / quiet stand
+ Friction footholds extensively used (forefoot)
+ Body lift leg work

Wall structure optimal use

Friction foothold


stable stand


Body lift (here: by right leg)

Center of gravity

The correct position of the body's centre of gravity is an important prerequisite for controlled and effortless climbing.

+ the center of gravity should be located as far as possible over the stand area
+ inclined rock: Center of gravity away from the rock, this higher friction on the treads
+ vertical and overhanging terrain: Center of gravity as possible close to the rock

slab wall

vertical wall

Hip inserted

Frog position

Body tension

On overhanging terrain of the center of gravity, can pull the feet on the steps, closer are brought to the wall.
You need enough body tension.


in the roof (here: left foot moves)
and right foot pushes)


Dynamic climbing is the interplay of technology, maximum strength and coordination.
Grab dynamic
One hand dynamo
Double dynamo

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