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Schwejks Budweiser Anabasis

Xenophon, a general of the antiquity, completely rushed through Asia Minor and came without map God knows where. The old Goths made her preparations also without topographic knowledge. Perpetually straight ahead march, one calls this Anabasis. Make a way by unknown sceneries a way. From enemies surrounds who wait for the first opportunity to turn the neck to you. If somebody has a good head like Xenophon or all robber's trunks which came to God knows where from the Kaspischen or the Sea of Azov to Europe, he works true miracles on the course.
Somewhere in the north by the Gallic sea which the Roman legions of Caesar had also reached without map they made the decision to return once again and to have an even bigger pleasure, to march on another way to Rome what they also managed. Since this time one apparently says that all ways lead to Rome. Also all ways lead after ...

Jaroslav Hasek                                  
(the adventures of the good soldier schwejk)

The Liebethaler quarry, pen, brush, watercolor
(Johann Gottfried Jentzsch)

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